A programme of events alongside the ITECHMER tradeshow is organised with conferences and debates concerning topical issues in the fishing sector. These conferences and round tables will be an opportunity to discuss topical issues and deal with problems in the fishing sector on a European and worldwide scale. Issues with multiple stakes will be discussed with stakeholders and decision-makers from the sector providing their insight on the themes discussed.

Detailed 2019’s programme to be downloaded here :


This programme has been prepared by the Itechmer organisation committee and a group of experts including representatives from the Association des Directeurs et Responsables des Halles A Marée de France, the Union du Mareyage Français, the Region of Brittany, the Comité Régional des Pêches Maritimes et des Élevages Marins de Bretagne, the producers’ organisation Les Pêcheurs de Bretagne, the industrial cluster Bretagne Pôle Naval, the Interprofession du Port de Lorient and the technical centre IDmer.

Numerous economic and institutional stakeholders in the sector have also played a part in drawing up the programme: Comité National des Pêches et des Élevages Marins, the Groupement des Industries de Construction et Activités Navales, the Cluster Maritime Français, France Agrimer, La Coopération Maritime, the Association Nationale des Organisations de Producteurs, the Institut Maritime de Prévention, the Crédit Maritime Grand Ouest, Bretagne Pôle Naval, Women in Seafood, Villes Atlantiques, Pêche et Développement.

An official photographer and video team acting on behalf of Itechmer will take photographs and videos of this event and its conferences. By visiting this event, you authorize the organizer to use the images, which can present visitors, participants and speakers, on any medium of communication and promotion of the event and without time limit.


Meeting of CC-Sud – WG VIII and XI

Meeting salle Kergroise
  • by invitation


The privatization of the seas: what are the stakes for fishing?

Conference Espace Keroman
  • Development of the blue economy is built on the logic of privatisation of the seas and marine areas, threatening to marginalise fishermen.

    Moderated by Pêche & Développement
    Nathalie Ros, Professor at the University of Tours (IRJI), Vice-President and General Secretary of the International Association for the Law of the Sea.

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Towards a new strategy in the construction of fishing boats

Workshop Salle Lorient Bretagne Sud
  • Promoting awareness of collaborative work on renewing the fishing fleet.
    Moderated by François Lambert, general delegate of the GICAN

    • Hubert Carré, General Manager of CNPMEM
    • Jérôme Jourdain, UAPF official
    • Vincent Faujour, CEO of PIRIOU group
    • Christophe Collin, Technical Manager of Armement Bigouden
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Naval Propulsion in the Past, Present and Future

Workshop Espace Keroman
  • LNG, descaling, sail, hydrogen, etc. Dealing with developments in propulsion methods for new builds, ships repairs and conversion

    Organized by Brittany Naval Pole (BPN)
    Moderated by Emmanuel-Marie Peton, Innovation and Transformation Institutional Relations Manager at French Maritime Cluster

    • Matthieu Blanc, Business Manager Barillec Marine
    • Henri Le Gallais, President of Enag
    • Alain Giacosa, delegate of France Energies Gaz
    • Thibault SADRIN – Concarneau site Manager of France Hélices
    • Thomas Gavory, Marine Engines Sales Manager at MTU France
    • Pascal Gaior – Naval and Offshore Sales Director at Sofresid Engineering</li
    • Laurent Mermier, General Manager of Ship-ST
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What Renewal Plan for overseas fleets

Workshop Salle Région Bretagne
  • Due to the special status given Outermost Regions (OR), Europe has adopted specific measures, in particular new directives regarding State Aid in the fishing sector. For Outermost Regions alone, it authorises funding of renewal of boats of all sizes. Each region must put forward a plan closely corresponding to its needs, so that the States can use the possibilities offered by the scheme. The French Overseas fishing sector will present its plan. It follows on from the report of the 2018 inter-ministerial report by the CGAAER and the IGAM. Professionals will be able to define and express the new-generation boat needs, upgrade their capture gear for more selective and efficient fishing, and organise landing and sale of the fish.

    Moderated by Stéphanie Roos-Faujour, agency Sea to sea


    • Loïc Laisné, Chief Executive Officer 1st class of Maritime Affairs
    • Sylvie Ribault, chief of the Fisheries Economics Board of the DPMA
    • Caroline Ton, responsible for fishing at the CNPMEM
    • Hugues Francil, general secretary of the CRPMEM of Martinique
    • Charles Agathe, substitute of the president of the CRPMEM of Martinique
    • George Michel Karam, president of the CRPMEM of French Guiana
    • Gualberto Rita Amaral, president of Federação das Pescas dos Açores, the Azores Fishing Federation

    With the kind participation of Francisco Portela Rosa, President of Vianapesca for Portuguese / French interpretation

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Fisheries and aquaculture sectors in the Sultanate of Oman

Conference Salle Lorient Bretagne Sud
  • Presented by HE Dr Saoud bin Hamood AL HABSI, Deputy Minister in charge of Fisheries,
    in the presence of the official delegation of the Sultanate of Oman, guest of honor of the ITECHMER fair


Meeting of the CC-Sud – WG traditional fishing grounds

Meeting Salle Kergroise
  • by invitation


Business pro new methods of propulsion

Meeting Espace Keroman
  • B2B meetings by registration organised by BPN


Meeting of PIG Pêche de Bretagne

Meeting salle Perrière
  • by invitation


What Future for Women in Fishing?

Workshop Salle Région Bretagne
  • “The maritime sector and fishing are often unknown or scorned. In this sector, women are doubly forgotten by society. Little by little, awareness is rising. The #Metoo movement served as a wake-up call. Nevertheless, there remain some inertia and clichés that are hindering full integration of women”. This interactive seminar aims at helping to change the sector’s image by raising awareness of women’s place, discussing the job opportunities and market needs that could contribute to better integration for women in the sector.

    Seminar moderated by Tamara Espiñeira from the association of Atlantic Cities and Marie-Christine Monfort from Women in Seafood (WSI):

    • Gaël Le Saout, Regional Councilor, President of the Committee on Economy, Agriculture and Sea, Europe at Brittany Region
    • Gilles Van de Walle, Team leader of Farnet
    • Laurent Bouvier, Deputy director of DPMA
    • Alain Pomes, director of the Centre Européen de Formation Continue Maritime
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Innovate to Attract New Generations

Workshop Salle Lorient Bretagne Sud
  • What innovations in terms of the environment, working conditions, technology, etc. could serve as attractions for the sector? Through testimonies and under the gaze of a sociologist, the aim is to try to meet the expectations of Generation Y and Millennials “in both the real and virtual worlds, both here and elsewhere…” and Generation Z, the generation of zappers, smartphones and social media.

    Moderated by Stéphanie Roos-Faujour, agency Sea to Sea
    Speakers :

    • Gérard Podevin, economic researcher and demographer
    • Hubert Carré, general manager of the CNPMEM
    • Patrick Andro, training and safety officer at the CRPMEM de Bretagne
    • Stéphanie Roullot, Managing Director of France Ikejime
    • Dominique Dietrich, director of human resources at Mericq group
    • Pierre-Yves Le Gall, ergonome CARSAT Bretagne
    • Chloé Gazeau, HQS assistant of Socorex
    • Nadine Poitevin, director of the Centre de Formation des Apprentis de Lorient
    • François Le Bars, manager of human resources at PIRIOU group
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AGM of the Association of Directors and Managers of Fish Markets in France

Meeting Espace Keroman
  • by invitation


Meeting of the CC-Sud WG pelagic fisheries

Meeting Salle Kergroise
  • by invitation


Preventing Chemical Risks on Ships

Conference Salle Lorient Bretagne Sud
  • Repeated occupational accidents and a study conducted by the IMP show that the professional risks of using chemical products are very often under-estimated on ships. This conference aimed at all maritime stakeholders, has several objectives: to take stock of the statistics on occupational accidents and illnesses linked to exposure to hazardous products and substances; to review employers’ statutory obligations; to illustrate with concrete examples, the risks linked to the use of certain chemical products and finally to explain preventive measures that can be taken to mitigate the risk.

    Moderated by Cédrik Renault,ergonomist, project manager at the Institut Maritime de Prévention
    Intervenants :

    • Lucas Le Sauce, IMP project manager
    • Françoise Le Berre-Douliazel, director of the IMP
    • Nicolas Le Berre, safety engineer, IMP project manager
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What Happens after Brexit?

Workshop Salle Région Bretagne
  • Depending on the exit conditions of the United Kingdom from the European Union and the resulting future relationship.
    What are the consequences for professionals?
    What support policies from the EU, the State and the regions for the sector?

    Moderated by Julien Lamothe, general secretary of ANOP
    Speakers :

    • Philippe De Lambert Des Granges, director of the Brexit Project for fishing and aquaculture, Direction des Pêches Maritimes et de l’Aquaculture
    • Loïg Chesnais-Girard, president of Brittany Region Bretagne
    • Hubert Carré, director of Comité National des Pêches Maritimes et des Elevages Marins
    • Jacques Pichon, director of fishing company La Houle
    • Frédéric Toulliou, president of the Union du Mareyage Français
    • Christophe Hamel, president of the Association des Directeurs et Responsables des Halles à Marée
    • Yves Foëzon, director of producers’ organisation Les Pêcheurs de Bretagne
    • Elizabeth Stevenson, owner of Fishing company W Stevenson & Sons ltd in Newlyn (UK)
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Consume Better, Consume Less; Good for the Planet and the Sector

Workshop Salle Lorient Bretagne Sud
  • The desire to consume better and less to save resources is in line with the challenge of combatting climate change and limiting the impact of human activities on the environment.
    To move towards this, existing projects and the necessary innovations need to be identified in the whole value chain of the sector, focusing on ships and port infrastructures, not forgetting the funding available to help develop and implement facilities, infrastructure and port services, logistics and end customers, who increasingly make choices based on the exemplary behaviour of professionals.
    Communication is key and project AMAREE is an example of the early mobilisation in the sector to be related to the challenges and approaches further downstream.

    Moderated by Emmanuel-Marie Peton, Cluster Maritime Français
    Speakers :

    • Georges Le Lec, AMAREE project studies manager, Coopération Maritime
    • Vincent Kerivel, maritime and industry manager, MBM Electricité
    • Mustapha El Kettab, Deputy Director of the CEFCM, European Maritime Training Center

    • Olivier Leprêtre, President of CRPMEM Hauts de France
    • Laurent Mermier, director of Ship-ST
    • Robin Delhom, Evolution Energie / li>
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End of Discards at Sea: Implementation of the Landing Obligation

Workshop Salle Région Bretagne
  • The 2015 landing obligation, introduced in the basic CFP regulation and fully implemented since 1st January 2019, requires all TAC species without an exemption to be landed. This round table is an opportunity to exchange with various stakeholders (scientists, producers’ organisations, professionals, fish markets, administration, etc.) on this challenge: examine the feedback from the first year of full application, highlight any difficulties encountered and identify the impacts of this obligation.

    Moderated by Anaïs Mourtada, project manager at the CNPMEM and Marion DEBASLY, project manager at the CDPMEM 29
    Intervenants :

    • Philippe De Lambert Des Granges,  Direction des Pêches Maritimes et de l’Aquaculture
    • Clara Ulrich, researcher at Ifremer
    • Jean-Marie Robert, project manager at the Producers’ Organisation Les Pêcheurs De Bretagne
    • Jennifer Leroux, regional coordinator of the Union du Mareyage Français
    • Jean-Baptiste Goulard, skipper and boat-owner of Le Guilvinec fishing port
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Reducing marine plastic waste, especially those in the fisheries sector

Workshop Salle Lorient Bretagne Sud
  • The issue of marine waste and more specifically waste containing plastic has been in the headlines over the last few years. For fishing professionals it is also important, and they are facing up to it.

    Moderated by Mathilde Gueguen, PECHPROPRE, Coopération Maritime
    Speakers :

    • Théo Desprez, co-founder  of Fil&Fab
    • Eric Guygniec, President of Coopérative Maritime de Lorient
    • Philippe Le Gal, President of Comité National de la Conchyliculture
    • Vincent Pinatel, assistant director of the Port of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue
    • Maëlisse Audugé, student BTS PGEM à Maritime school LPM du Guilvinec
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Challenges for Breton Fishing by 2040

Conference Salle Région Bretagne
  • The Brittany Region has launched a prospective study on Breton fisheries and aquaculture, called “Horizon 2040”. This approach aims to build a common vision of the issues facing the industry in the long term. The exhibition is an opportunity for the Region to discuss the first elements of the diagnosis resulting from this study, which is expected to be completed in July 2020.

    The round table will consist of a panel of managers of Breton companies and scientists, invited to react on the major issues arising from the diagnosis and extensive field survey that has mobilized more than 250 people on the entire regional territory.

    Moderated by Aurore Davaine, Director of the sea, the maritime development and the littoral of the Brittany Region


    • Didier Gascuel, Teacher-researcher, Agrocampus Rennes, Member of the Scientific and Technical Council for Fisheries (STECF) of the European Union

    • Jean-Baptiste Goulard, skipper-shipowner, Coppelia
    • Yves Guirriec, equipment director, CCI Saint-Brieuc / li>

    • Christian Guyader, President, Guyader gastronomy
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Blue Day Sustainable Fishing and Innovation

Salle Région Bretagne
  • Organised by Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique

    This day of meetings and discussions will be held in 3 stages.
    In the morning from 10:00 to 12:00
    After an introduction of the day by Régis Guyon and Pascal Larnaud of the PMBA,
    Fishing is making its digital revolution …
    … for the communication at sea
    … in the downstream sector
    Afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00 pm
    Selective fishing: the contribution of digital and new technologies

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Steering Committee of project CONNECT (Creation of a software for the optimization of friction of trawl nets)

Meeting Salle Perrière
  • By invitation
    The Regional Committee for Marine Fisheries of Brittany organizes the steering committee for the CONNECT project (Creation of a software for the optimization of friction of trawl nets)
    Project objectives:
    Work on an existing acoustic and vibration measurement technology (SUBWIN sensors)
    Optimize technology (qualification)
    Calculate an impact indicator on the seabed
    Demonstrate effects on energy gains
    Optimize the visualization of information in the gateway (software ergonomics)
    Project partners: CRPMEM de Bretagne, Cooperation Maritime, IFREMER, OCtech and Seagnal companies.
    Funding: EMFF/ France Filière Pêche


Board of CNPMEM

Salle Kergroise
  • By invitation


Optimising the conservation of fish shelf

Workshop Salle Lorient Bretagne Sud
  • Optimising of seafood conservation: keeping seafood products alive until sale (onboard, auction), CASfresh to ensure optimal quality of fish on freezing.n.

    Moderated by Murielle Fretigny, Research & Development manager at IDmer
    and Camille Blocquel, R&D- Project manager at IDmer
    Speakers :

    • Armand Lejeune, director of R&D, Emyg Aquaculture
    • Thomas Rimaud, agro-fisheries engineer, Producers’ Organisation Les Pêcheurs de Bretagne
    • Erik Vallée, agro-fisheries engineer, Haliocéan
    • Jean-Claude Briand, site director, Qwehli
    • Julie Mancini, project manager, Pôle Aquimer
    • Lorient fish auction
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A digital revolution in fishing. Part 2 : in downstream industry

Workshop Salle Région Bretagne
  • As part of the Blue Day “Innovation and digital in the fishing industry” organized by Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique.
    In a field where the efficient transmission of information is an important lever for the competitiveness of the entire industry, the integration of digital technology into each of its links helps to streamline its circulation, thereby contributing to improving economic and health performance of his companies. An advance that these actors appropriate, from auction to final consumer.
    Moderated by Florian Thomas, head of aquaculture and fisheries department at FranceAgrimer
    Speakers :

    • Christophe Hamel, ADRHAM
    • Patricia Specq, Pôle Aquimer
    • Pierre Leenhardt, France Filière Pêche
    • Stéphane Le Rouzès, Luximer
    • Laurent Gonnet, groupe Mericq
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A digital revolution in fishing. Part 1: for observation and communication at sea

Workshop Salle Région Bretagne
  • As part of the Blue Day “Innovation and digital in the fishing industry” organized by the^Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique.
    Communication at sea, routing and positioning
    Moderated by Pascal Larnaud, PMBA


    • “User”, Serge Macé, electronics engineer, Scapêche

    • New Maritime Radio Communication Standards: What Opportunities for the Fishing Industry? Pascal Olivier, president of Kenta Electronics

    • NeptuLink, 4G internet at sea serving seafarers, Romain Buttet, technical sales MVG

    • Management of Internet at sea, Patrick Moëlo, Project Coordination Manager, Thalos

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Une pêche sélective : l’apport du numérique et de nouvelles technologies Sélectivité, survie, nouvelles technologies

Workshop Salle Région Bretagneion Bretagne
  • As part of the Blue Day “Innovation and digital in the fishing industry” organized by the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique
    The use of new technologies and digital technology for selective fishing: new artichoke lobster grids, post-harvest survival of species, acoustic detection, light, prospects for new fishing methods …

    Moderated by Pascal Larnaud, Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique
    Speakers :

    • “User” Thomas Rimaud, project manager, Les Pêcheurs de Bretagne
    • A new grid to sort the langoustine on the bottom, Quiterie Sourget, project manager, AGLIA
    • What survival after capture? Sonia Méhault, Fisheries Technology Engineer,Ifremer
    • Selectivity by acoustics, Christophe Corbières, iXblue
    • Can light improve selectivity? Pascal Larnaud, Fisheries Technology Engineer, Ifremer
    • New technologies for the selectivity of the future … Julien Simon, Fisheries Technology Engineer, Ifremer

Health and Safety in Fish Workshops

Meeting Salle Perrière
  • By invitation of the UMF, Carsat Bretagne and Santé au Travail


Financing of Fishing and Shipbuilding Industries (workshop)

Conference Salle Lorient Bretagne Sud
  • Moderated by
    Philippe Renaudin, head of Maritime Affairs at the Crédit Maritime Grand Ouest
    Ambroise Séveno, head of Fishing and aquaculture affairs at the Crédit Maritime Grand Ouest

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