Fishing, a question of Youth

Fishing, a question of Youth

ITECHMER 2023 will be marked by transformation and innovation, with a special focus on the new generation’s view of the sector. A new feature of this 15th edition, “La pêche, une question de jeunes” is a daily agora where young people can put their questions to a professional, a scientist, an institution…

A “Fishing, a question for youth” session will take place every day of the show from 2pm to 2:30pm in the Itechmer Agora area.  The aim is to ensure that the questions addressed are really those asked by the new generation, and that they give rise to a lively exchange in which the floor is wide open. Stéphanie Roos Faujour, managing director of Sea to sea, a communication agency specialized in highlighting maritime activities, will moderate the discussions between a young person and a professional on the future of the industry.

Three schools have agreed to accompany their students to the exhibition:

Lycée Public Maritime du Guilvinec with 1st year BTS PGEM (“Fishing and Management of the Marine Environment”) students – Wednesday, October 11 – 2 – 2:30 p.m.

Questions on technological innovations, resource management and the fishing business.

  • New propulsion systems: discussion with Jean-Baptiste Goulard, owner of the Blue Wave, a trawler with hybrid diesel-electric propulsion, and with Jean-François Ansquer, President of Coprexma, a naval architecture and design company.
  • Fishing gear: a discussion with David Nedelec, Director of Naberan France, a trawl designer involved in innovation and optimization projects with various industrial players.
  • Resource management from the perspective of a decision-maker: discussion with Pierre Karleskind, MEP, and Chairman of the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee.
  • Jean-Baptiste Goulard, owner of 3 trawlers, will also talk about the creation and management of a fishing fleet by a professional who lives it.

Lycée Public Maritime de Paimpol with CGEM final-year students  (Maritime Business Management) – Thursday, October 12, 2:00-2:30 pm

Questions surrounding the responsible management and sustainable development of fishing.

  • Will resource management regulations become more difficult/tighter? Interview with Thierry Guigue, deputy director of OP Les pêcheurs de Bretagne
  • Are there plans to reduce the fishing effort of large-scale fisheries in favor of small-scale vessels? Interview with Jérôme Jourdain, Deputy Secretary General of the Union des armateurs à la pêche de France (UAPF).
  • What measures can be taken to regenerate sea bass and pollock stocks for future generations? Thierry Guigue, deputy director of the OP Les pêcheurs de Bretagne will answer this question.

Université de Bretagne Sud and master’s students in Coastal Planning – Friday, October 13, 2:00-2:30 p.m.

Questions will focus on the many challenges facing fishermen and ports.  A representative of the Scapêche shipping company and a port manager will answer these questions.